LOOP Summit | Corporate Wellbeing Summit

0 -14-21-28 OCTOBER
LOOP Summit Wellbeing Experience (WX)

Employee wellbeing used to be synonymous with many things including but not limited to EAP (Employee Assistance Programmes), on-demand hot yoga classes, vegan gingerbread lattes distributed at snack o’clock, and on-site sleeping pods. Not to deny the value of such amenities, wellbeing at work today, post-pandemic, has come to include a bigger and more comprehensive description. Wellbeing at work is seen and being transformed to a solid foundation upon which we come to build employee experience.

Corporate wellbeing today is part of an “experience” discussion where it is not regarded as a band-aid programme but is here to change the way we work as human-beings. Wellbeing discussion at work is picked up not just by HR but all parts of the organization and lives, breathes, changes throughout time to cater to needs at work and solve for problems when they arise in order to make work a place where we reach our true potentials as opposed to drag our bodies and souls to. Follow LOOP’s ambitious four week discussion woven around employee experience and how wellbeing can revolutionize each step.

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Join LOOP on its ambitious four-week journey to rewrite employee experience as we know it to transform it to its Renaissance cousin WX!

Jane McGonıgal

Author & Game Designer, SuperBetter

Sesıl Pır

Head of Employee Experience & Founder, Takeda & SESIL PIR Consulting GmbH

Julıa Hobsbawm

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Author & Founder, Social Capital Network

Elıf Şafak

Novelist & Writer

Natal Dank

Head of Learning, Author and Pioneer in the Agile HR Movement , PXO Culture

Ben Wıgert

Director of Research & Strategy, Workplace Management, Gallup

Janet Mertens

Research Director, Josh Bersin Academy

Scott Dınwıddıe

Director of Client Success, Learn to Live


Wellbees argues that only a Wellbeing Experience will have the driving effect on your business. Ready to find out more? Check out LOOP’s four-week ambitious programme to dissect all pillars of EX through a lense of wellbeing.

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