LOOP Summit | Wellbeing Experience
Melis Abacıoğlu

Melis Abacıoğlu

Founder & CEO, Wellbees


Melis is a serial entrepreneur with three major, industry-moving startups under her belt. She is the founder of Kizlar Sahada, a social enterprise that trains over 500 girls in 14 different locations around Turkey between the ages of 9-24 for free to empower them challenging gender stereotypes. She is also the founder of SWEATers App, a platform for socializing through sports that is the official app for Istanbul's IAAF Gold Label Status Marathon. Finally she is the founder of Wellbees, an HR Tech product, specifically a corporate wellbeing platform that works to create a world where everybody reaches her potential whilst being caring to one another. Wellbees serves over 30K employees in 20 companies and 7 countries. Melis is a Columbia graduate with Mathematics and Art History double major, which she thinks that complete one another perfectly. She also is the mom of Mila, a spitfire that runs through the house like the Tasmania Monster. She describes herself as an avid reader, runner, collector of memories. 


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