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Leela Bassi

Leela Bassi

CEO/Founder, Above & Beyond RESILIENCE


Leela has worked in multinational organisations for over 20 years where during this time, she has been exposed to many cultures, businesses and experiences bringing her closer to values, beliefs and practices; creating opportunities for growth and development in a more collaborative global community.

She has rich experience in all aspects of the Employee Experience, Diversity and Inclusion and specifically the Culture Change required to shape a workforce fit for the world we compete in.

Leela is passionate about helping individual leaders and leadership teams on organizational culture and leadership behaviours with a focus on creating better inclusion.

Originally from India, Leela was adopted and raised in France where she studied Languages and Literature. Now living in the UK, she is married to an Italian and has two trilingual children. 

Leela speaks fluent English, French and Italian.


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