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Alex Pattakos, PhD

Alex Pattakos, PhD

Co-founder & Author, Global Meaning Institute

  • http://www.globalmeaninginstitute.com/


Alex Pattakos, PhD, affectionately nicknamed “Dr. Meaning,” has always felt the call to advance human potential and societal transformation. As a mental health administrator on the south side of Chicago, he found himself on the front lines of human suffering, witnessing the personal struggles of many people who lacked access to education, healthcare, and employment and, on a metaphysical level, a connection to deeper Meaning in their lives. Wanting to assist in building a world that works for all, Alex became a full-time professor of public and business administration with a commitment to advance the human quest for Meaning in life, work, and society. Throughout his career, Alex has been a pioneer in integrating Meaning with public policy, leadership, and personal transformation. He deepened his understanding of how people, organizations, and societies can realize their full potential through Meaning by connecting with Viktor E. Frankl, MD, PhD, the world-renowned psychiatrist, existential philosopher, and author of the classic bestseller, Man’s Search for Meaning. At Dr. Frankl’s personal urging, Alex wrote Prisoners of Our Thoughts, now an international bestseller available in 23 languages and counting. Importantly, Dr. Pattakos is recognized as the world’s leading authority on applying Viktor Frankl’s System of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis to work, the workplace, and organizations in business and government. Traveling throughout Greece, he gained a deeper understanding of how people found Meaning in their everyday lives and work despite being surrounded by economic and social crises. This learning was captured in the award-winning book, The OPA! Way: Finding Joy & Meaning in Everyday Life & Work. Alex is a co-founder of the Global Meaning Institute and co-creator of the unique study and practice of Meaning called MEANINGology®.

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