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 How Happy are the Employees During the Coronavirus Period?

How Happy are the Employees During the Coronavirus Period?

İK profesyonelleri için bugünkü özel kelimemiz: Takım Çalışması. Günümüzün iletişim odaklı iş alanlarında olmazsa olmaz bir tanım olan ekip ruhu kavramının önemi, Covid-19 ile değişen çalışma ortamımızda daha da arttı. Willis Towers Watson’ın yaptığı son araştırmaya göre daha güçlü ekipler, bu dönemde daha az odak kaybı yaşadı.

Our special word for HR professionals today is Teamwork. The importance of team spirit, which is an indispensable definition in today's communication-oriented business areas, has increased even more in our changing working environment with Covid-19. According to a recent study by Willis Towers Watson, stronger teams experienced less loss of focus during this period,

According to a survey of 100,000 employees worldwide, including 22,000 American employees, among employees who report that they are working with strong teams, 16% say they are struggling with job-related focus loss due to COVID-19 concerns. On the other hand, employees who have difficulties in cooperation with their team have a 56% loss of focus.

90% of Employees Experiance Stress Disorder

Overall, 70% of the employees report that the current situation prevents them from concentrating, while more than 90% say they have a stress disorder. Surprisingly more than half of those experiencing anxiety report it to be moderate or high.

What does this data mean for HR leaders?

Global research director for Willis Towers Watson, Patrick Towesa says that as employees return to their workplaces, organizations should focus on creating a deeper team spirit.

The opportunities for employees to establish team connections are a remarkable headline for today. For HR, this means more ways for managers to recognize team successes by suggesting more common problem-solving efforts. In addition, activities to improve teamwork need to be supported, such as using more time to talk about how to deal with pandemic business life challenges.

So far, employees report that they are relatively satisfied with their support. The overall performance of HR leaders in this period is as follows:

Helped to focus on study goals (78%);

Made employees get the necessary support (74%)

Informed the employees (73%)

Preserved the health and well-being of employees (71%).

Source: HR Executive

Compiled by: Efe Daşman

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